Do-it-yourself coaching service

We will work together to uncover and determine where your business is now, where you want it to be, and how we can get you there.  I will learn about your company, its products and services, marketplace and key competitors and produce a ‘blueprint’ which will guide the required direction and activities to help achieve your objectives.  Once our blueprint is agreed, I will teach and guide you through the marketing tactics and techniques to the point where you are confident and competent in executing these yourself, or briefing your own team to carry out these tasks.  I will shed light on the dark art of digital marketing and provide you with a proven methodology and toolkit to use going forwards.  I will teach you how to craft engaging copy for your website, brochure, sales letters and promotional activity.  We will dive into the real art of email marketing and how to make it work successfully for you.  I will teach and help you to make social media activity work for you – especially LinkedIn which is by far the best B2B social media platform – but only if you get it right.  I will help you make your LinkedIn profile work for you.  I will help you design and build a website that generates traffic and enquiries and becomes a ‘hub’ for expertise and knowledge within your industry through addition of key optimisation tools.

How will it work

Typically we will schedule a conference call once a fortnight – usually through Zoom – which will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.  We will agree our objectives going forward, and I will set a firm plan of actions for us both – this will mainly focus on the work I set you to do in the following two weeks and my review.  Prior to our next scheduled Zoom call, you can send me any material you want me to consider or review, or indeed any questions you may have and I will endeavour to respond to your questions within 24-hours.

How long will it take

It is a piece of string, as big and complex objectives take much longer to achieve than small simple ones, but if we take the middle ground, a 12-month period is the ideal length of time to work through and learn the tactics and techniques needed for you to run successful marketing campaigns for your company and achieve your aims.

During this time we will cover:
Your positioning and communication style.  Knowing your numbers and setting KPIs.  Market|Message|Media.  Digital marketing.  Direct marketing.  Website performance.  Writing copy that sells.  Email marketing.  Social media.  Search engine optimisation (SEO).  PR.  Promotional activity.  Exhibitions and Events (if relevant).  

How much will it cost

At this stage without knowing the depth of your objectives and the sector in which you work, I can only give a range of costs of between £399 and £599 per month for a 12-month contract.  If a shorter contract period of 6 months is desired, then monthly cost will rise exponentially to offset the amount of work needed to be achieved in a condensed time period. 

Is your sales team under-performing?
Are they struggling to find new customers,
convert prospects, close sales?
I can work with you and coach your sales team to be more effective I can equip them with the tools and techniques that are needed in today’s increasingly tough markets.