Done-With-you - a collaborative marketing service

This service is the middle ground between do-it-yourself coaching and a complete done-for-you marketing service.  Here we work together to produce great marketing and campaigns for your company.  We will explore different options and approaches, and I will either work with what you are currently doing, or we can throw it all out and start again.  Together.  I will become your experienced sounding board for new ideas or help you solve problems you may be having with staff or customers.  You may have a badly performing sales team; I can help you get more out of them by coaching you to coach them in more effective ways of doing business, and provide you and them with a toolkit that optimises their time and maximises performance.  With this collaborative approach, you can ask me to help you work on any area of business development, sales and marketing that needs improving.  You set the criteria and we’ll work together to provide the answers.

This collaborative approach works really well for the business owner or managing director who likes to input into marketing activities and has clear ideas as to what works best in their business sector.  Working together helps refine what is already there and make it better.  This service is for someone who has some knowledge of the marketing tactics and techniques that are used today, but needs some coaching to get work over the line.  From the outset I will consider your objectives against the success of your marketing activity and advise how it can be improved.   This may be refinement of what is there, or it may be a total re-think in a different direction.  I will analyse and critique your complete suite of marketing collateral, from branding, website, sales collateral, customer communication, engagement and follow-up, analyse the sales process and see where it can be streamlined and improved.  Together we will create highly engaging sales collateral, we will turn your website into a lead generating machine, enhance your social presence and turn your customers into loyal, repeat and higher spending ‘fans’.  I will show you how to position your company in a category of one and build a market-leading stance.

How will it work

Typically we will schedule a conference call once a fortnight – usually through Zoom – which will last around an hour.  We will agree our objectives going forward, and I will set a firm plan of actions for us both.  Prior to our next scheduled Zoom call, you can send me any material you want me to consider or review, or indeed any questions you may have and I will endeavour to respond to your questions within 24-hours.

In addition and current pandemic climate allowing, our first meeting is ideally face-to-face at your offices, with a quarterly face-to-face meeting to review progress and discuss next stages or other challenges you may be facing..

How long will it take

Depending on the depth and complexity of what you are looking to achieve, our ideal collaboration will last for 12 months which allows me at the outset to gain a thorough understanding of your company, marketplace and objectives.  The importance of this initial work cannot be over-emphasised, as the more I know about your company, competitors, challenges, difficulties, staffing, marketplace, strengths, weaknesses, the better I can guide and direct business development and marketing activities and the more successful our collaborative efforts will be.

How much will it cost

At this stage with so many unknown factors such as size of your company, number of staff, aims, scope of work it is impossible to give a firm price, but you need to allow a monthly fee in the range of £699 - £999 for a 12-month contract.  If a shortened contract period of 6 months is desired, then monthly cost will increase exponentially to allow for workload to be carried out in a condensed period of time. 

Is your sales team under-performing?
Are they struggling to find new customers,
convert prospects, close sales?
I can work with you and coach your sales team to be more effective I can equip them with the tools and techniques that are needed in today’s increasingly tough markets.